Hello Saudi ARabia. Thank you for following my blogs.A happy Wednesday to all. It’s gloomy today that’s why I’m wearing a cardigan to protect myself from the not so friendly weather. I paired it with a floral skirt to turn the gloomy weather into a refreshing one. 🙂

My cardigan is from United colors of Benetton and skirt from Ann Christine a brand from Germany.
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And so we’re back from outer space….oops! we’re back wearing jeans but since fall is giving us a good weather we love to combine summer and fall together. For the cold wind that strikes once in a while the best thing to wear are ripped jeans. It gives us more girl charm as long as you keep it clean and cool. Keep it clean because not all ripped jeans are pleasing in the eyes. You don’t wanna look like a drug pusher or a beggar right? Of course, you can wear ripped jeans according to occassion and people. You can wear it and look professional still.Ripped boyfriend jeans is always a yes! Always wear it with elegance. Jeans is from ZARA for a very reasonable price of 12€. Blouse is from PIMKIE. My white shoes is one of my favorite from ANN CHRISTINE.
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I am inspired by my favorites Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham, the Duchess Kate Middleton to name a few. Olivia Palermo has her 30 styles in 30 days. OK, we aren’t Olivia Palermo who can afford those fancy outfits, that’s why I am recreating a style for less.For today, I am wearing a black and white monochrome from PIMKIE. The black on side give it a sexy curve. If you’ve watched the movie of John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah G with Isablle Daza. You’ll see Isabelle Daza wearing the same monogram style.

What’s good about about monochrome dresses? It is simple yet chic. I got this one on sale for €19.99. I paired it with my favorite ANN CHRISTINE white shoes.
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Oh summer please don’t go. Coming from tropics you know how much I wanted it to stay. I’m so scared of cold and winter. Though I have to admit that I am wishing more snow on my very first winter experience. One winter know how is enough for me to say that summer is still the best.Imagine life just lying down on the beach with your favorite drink and book. Ahhh that is really paradise.

I know you have read a lot already about summer must haves like sun block which is very important by the way. So, I’m just adding to bring morale to your summer. The truth is most girls got really insecure every summer because of the beach body. The truth is we are not born models. We are always jealous of those perfect magazine bodies we see. Don’t freak out if there’s a will, there’s a way. Just think you are the only person on the beach and you will be by yourself with oh oozing beach body appeal. Just make yourself comfortable no matter what and you will be fine.

Choose the right colors and swim wear and you will be fine. I don’t have a Victoria’s Secret’s model body but I’m always confident with my body. Yes, I don’t have the big front runners (that big boobs) but I have big derriere to compensate. 🙂 We can’t have it all. Who would have thought I can wear a bandeau bikini despite of my body. I dared and be the judge if I got yey or nay!

My green bandeau swimwear is from BENETTON and the BLUE one is from ANN CHRISTINE.
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Choosing colors that will look good on our skin is quiet a difficult task. Some colours may look good for our eyes but other may find it odd. Oh well, we dress for our comfort and what we feel just and reasonable for us.It’s very subtle people indulge in color orange. Yes, it is very strong and looks good only to the chosen few. There are numerous do’s and dont’s fashion style regarding color orange. I always say keep that courange and confidence because everyone deserves all the color they want. Really! it’s how you carry the dress that matters. You can look from a street smart girl to a slutty one if you don’t know how to put on the right materials, colors and style. Ensemble carry your confidence within you and you will be beautiful no matter what. I’ve read before that no man would like to have a woman who has low self-esteem, so let every woman boost with overloading self-esteem!

Be bold and daring. Don’t be afraid to try something new. As you see, I’m not sporting a fair complexion as before. My vacation in the Philippines for two months plus the European summer highlights my bronze color. I am very tan now but I dare to wear floral orange since summer isn’t over yet.
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Ola! September first! In Europe it signals that vacation is over. Back to work and back to school. Goodbye sun, sand and beach. We still have sun once in a while but really fall is around the corner. I love fall except for the cold. I’m going to visit French schools today and I would like to share my #OOTD (outfit of the day) Sun is up so I opted for a light color.Mint green top from ZARA which I got for only 7€ and a floral skirt that is very similar to D&G creation. For a very reasonable price of sale from CA. CA is a german brand of clothing. Matching up is always a challenge. My white shoes seems my favorite these days is from ANN CHRISTINE.
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White bite! (mosure blanc)

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post. As white is the traditional color of summer, I embraced it and put on a peculiar genre for a more chic look. I remember my secondary school days with this skirt. Though we used it for physical fitness. I thought of reinventing the look for a more polished approach.
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