First, I would like to say a big hello to my readers and followers from IRELAND!!! I hope you are all having a great day. I would love to visit your place one day.Who doesn’t love that sturdy cotton twill textile that never goes out style. Yes, denim never goes out of style. Being in the market since 18th century, people never get tired of using it. Time evolves but denim remains stylish through out the centuries. Over time and used, denim fades but it turn to be more stylish. It get ripped but still it become more stylish. I should say denim is one of the fashion treasures. I love denim and I will never get tired of using and styling it.

Way back my college days, I am an avid Levi’s fan. One of best denim brand that fits my body. Up to now, I am still a loyal Levi’s customer. But would you dare wearing denim as top? My answer is a big YES! Be daring. You’ll never know how good it will look. I feel very comfortable wearing it.

In the following days, I will show you how many styles you can have with your denim top.

I got this one from JENNIFER, my shorts from FOREVER21. Special shoutout to my friend ANNE GARCIA-GANAL for my denim hair accessory. It matches well! Thank you anne. 🙂

this skirt is my latest favorite so you’ll be seeing me wearing this in my next blogs

I hope you like my post today. Is it a yey or nay? Leave me some comments below.

A demain.


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