Happy Monday everyone! especially to my followers from Portugal. Welcome to my blog and thank you. 🙂 One day, I’ll write blog straight from Portugal.I’ve been busy the past days because as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog my little dog was confined in the Veterinary clinic. I am thankful that she is fine now.

I have my student today learning English conversations and I’m wearing a beige trench coat from CA Yessica. I so love every details of this. A very light and classic color.
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HELLO USA! Thank you for following my blogs.

Mister Sun is still showing some badass appearance and so I’m taking all the chances to maximize the summer get ups. I’m happy with the weather. I don’t like cold, really! From one who lived in tropics all her life, my idea of cold is limited to comfortable Baguio weather where one jacket is enough or even without a jacket. 🙂 Very very far from the cold I’m getting in Europe. 🙂 Good thing about the European weather is you get to experience the four seasons and you change your outfits for every season. 🙂

This seems to be a party dress but you can just add a coat that match you can go to the office and then after remove the coat you are ready to party. 🙂 Serves both purpose.

My top is from CA. By the way, I keep mentioning CA. For those who don’t know CA is a German clothing line. My skirt is from FOREVER21 which I also love. Shoes is from DOROTHY PERKINS. It’s been a while I’m still wearing this skirt when I was working in Australian law firm. I missed my law firm life, seriously! I will go back to law firm here very very soon! 🙂
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Hello to my followers from Bulgaria! Thank you for following my blogs.

Before we say goodbye to weekend, we visited MUSEUMOTEL despite the hard rain. Since I am the one very interested to see the place when we saw it on national news, I drove myself to the place. It was beautiful and unique modern architectural designs. The place was really nice and tranquil. It can cater to couples and families. I think I need to make a separate bog about it.

It was raining so I wore something for the rain. Covering myself from rain and cold, I used boots and black leggings with the black and white skirt from PIMKIE. My white long sleeves shirt from CA with my blue scarf that I bought in Italy.
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BON WEEK-END! Merci à mes disciples Français. 

Finally, a relaxing weekend. Every weekend my husband and I escape the busy Nancy and go somewhere outside to visit nearby villages except during the first sunday of the month where all French museum is free and of course we grab this amazing oppurtunity. For this month we went to aqua museum. I enjoyed it a lot. We don’t really plan and have ino iterinaries so I usually wear casual clothes where I can go everywhere and still in style. 

The weather is a little bit crazy so I’m wearing something in the middle. Lazy Saturday means doing grocery, walk in the park and Saturday date night. Ahhh I love weekend!

Thanks to CA and JENNIFER for my outfit. Shoes from le sportif. I used my scarf as turban.
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First, I would like to say a big hello to my readers and followers from IRELAND!!! I hope you are all having a great day. I would love to visit your place one day.Who doesn’t love that sturdy cotton twill textile that never goes out style. Yes, denim never goes out of style. Being in the market since 18th century, people never get tired of using it. Time evolves but denim remains stylish through out the centuries. Over time and used, denim fades but it turn to be more stylish. It get ripped but still it become more stylish. I should say denim is one of the fashion treasures. I love denim and I will never get tired of using and styling it.

Way back my college days, I am an avid Levi’s fan. One of best denim brand that fits my body. Up to now, I am still a loyal Levi’s customer. But would you dare wearing denim as top? My answer is a big YES! Be daring. You’ll never know how good it will look. I feel very comfortable wearing it.

In the following days, I will show you how many styles you can have with your denim top.

I got this one from JENNIFER, my shorts from FOREVER21. Special shoutout to my friend ANNE GARCIA-GANAL for my denim hair accessory. It matches well! Thank you anne. 🙂
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Yesterday I visited a school in Strasbourg, France. I left very early to catch the train. Since I don’t know the place I wore comfortable clothes and shoes because I will be going back and forth, up and down. As expected, I had trouble buying the tram ticket as the machine is different from Nancy. So far, with my french asking around I went to my rendezvous smoothly.I wore a semi-peplum skirt from STRADIVARIUS and a top from CA. I added a scarf to protect my neck from the cold and to add more life to my white top. Sandals is a semi wedge from BATA. I got it all on sale! 🙂
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Ola! September first! In Europe it signals that vacation is over. Back to work and back to school. Goodbye sun, sand and beach. We still have sun once in a while but really fall is around the corner. I love fall except for the cold. I’m going to visit French schools today and I would like to share my #OOTD (outfit of the day) Sun is up so I opted for a light color.Mint green top from ZARA which I got for only 7€ and a floral skirt that is very similar to D&G creation. For a very reasonable price of sale from CA. CA is a german brand of clothing. Matching up is always a challenge. My white shoes seems my favorite these days is from ANN CHRISTINE.
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Alone in Paris

Paris. When I think of Paris, I always associate it with dreams, love and romance. I never thought being alone in this romantic city can be as fun as I’ve imagined.

It is by chance that I have to travel alone in Paris. I need to go to the British embassy so this leaves me wandering alone in the “The City of Love”, but its most famous is “La Ville-Lumière” City of Lights. Though it is not my first time in Paris but still the thought that it is a big city and I speak only very little french makes me panic just a little. As soon as I finished with my appointment in the British Embassy I started my journey exploring the whole day alone in the city of love. I started asking in the tube station before I boarded the tube and the man in charge gave me a map of the whole Paris. He was very kind that he explained to me where I should go and where I should ride. I didn’t got most of his instructions but I’m off for the day’s challenge. Below is a photo of the whole Paris map with signs and symbols where to go and what tube to ride. And you can buy a whole day ticket tube ride where you have access to all rides. I guess it only costs 6€ for the whole day ride.
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