Greetings to Argentina! Thank you for following my blogs.

I’m busy the whole day. My little dog lilly is confined in the Vet clinic 🙁 because she’s not eating and drinking water. I keep running all day. I am so thankful to God that she is a brave little dog. I hope she get better tomorrow.

Back to my outfit. This is special. I wore them already on my special day. I want to give it another look. This time just ordinary but still classy. Because of the rainy day there’s a reason for scarf. I took advantage of it and I put my hello kitty scarf. Peplum jupe is a love at first sight. So worth it.

Thanks to STRADIVARIUS for the wonderful creation.
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Terve Finland! I saw some followers from Finland. Thank you for following my blogs. You guys inspire me everyday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.I bought this dress over a year ago thinking of wearing this in my civil wedding ceremony in Italy but then I changed my mind because this does not fit a winter wedding. I used this instead during my birthday last year.

This is from STRADIVARIUS. I love the simple design and the color that blends well to my skin. 🙂 The splendid red shoes gave more charming look.
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Yesterday I visited a school in Strasbourg, France. I left very early to catch the train. Since I don’t know the place I wore comfortable clothes and shoes because I will be going back and forth, up and down. As expected, I had trouble buying the tram ticket as the machine is different from Nancy. So far, with my french asking around I went to my rendezvous smoothly.I wore a semi-peplum skirt from STRADIVARIUS and a top from CA. I added a scarf to protect my neck from the cold and to add more life to my white top. Sandals is a semi wedge from BATA. I got it all on sale! 🙂
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Alone in Paris

Paris. When I think of Paris, I always associate it with dreams, love and romance. I never thought being alone in this romantic city can be as fun as I’ve imagined.

It is by chance that I have to travel alone in Paris. I need to go to the British embassy so this leaves me wandering alone in the “The City of Love”, but its most famous is “La Ville-Lumière” City of Lights. Though it is not my first time in Paris but still the thought that it is a big city and I speak only very little french makes me panic just a little. As soon as I finished with my appointment in the British Embassy I started my journey exploring the whole day alone in the city of love. I started asking in the tube station before I boarded the tube and the man in charge gave me a map of the whole Paris. He was very kind that he explained to me where I should go and where I should ride. I didn’t got most of his instructions but I’m off for the day’s challenge. Below is a photo of the whole Paris map with signs and symbols where to go and what tube to ride. And you can buy a whole day ticket tube ride where you have access to all rides. I guess it only costs 6€ for the whole day ride.
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