Choosing colors that will look good on our skin is quiet a difficult task. Some colours may look good for our eyes but other may find it odd. Oh well, we dress for our comfort and what we feel just and reasonable for us.It’s very subtle people indulge in color orange. Yes, it is very strong and looks good only to the chosen few. There are numerous do’s and dont’s fashion style regarding color orange. I always say keep that courange and confidence because everyone deserves all the color they want. Really! it’s how you carry the dress that matters. You can look from a street smart girl to a slutty one if you don’t know how to put on the right materials, colors and style. Ensemble carry your confidence within you and you will be beautiful no matter what. I’ve read before that no man would like to have a woman who has low self-esteem, so let every woman boost with overloading self-esteem!

Be bold and daring. Don’t be afraid to try something new. As you see, I’m not sporting a fair complexion as before. My vacation in the Philippines for two months plus the European summer highlights my bronze color. I am very tan now but I dare to wear floral orange since summer isn’t over yet.
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Alone in Paris

Paris. When I think of Paris, I always associate it with dreams, love and romance. I never thought being alone in this romantic city can be as fun as I’ve imagined.

It is by chance that I have to travel alone in Paris. I need to go to the British embassy so this leaves me wandering alone in the “The City of Love”, but its most famous is “La Ville-Lumière” City of Lights. Though it is not my first time in Paris but still the thought that it is a big city and I speak only very little french makes me panic just a little. As soon as I finished with my appointment in the British Embassy I started my journey exploring the whole day alone in the city of love. I started asking in the tube station before I boarded the tube and the man in charge gave me a map of the whole Paris. He was very kind that he explained to me where I should go and where I should ride. I didn’t got most of his instructions but I’m off for the day’s challenge. Below is a photo of the whole Paris map with signs and symbols where to go and what tube to ride. And you can buy a whole day ticket tube ride where you have access to all rides. I guess it only costs 6€ for the whole day ride.
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