Hello UAE! Thanks for following my blogs. :)It’s cold and raining today, I grabbed some thick clothes to protect myself from cold. Je déteste le froid. I hate cold. If only I have power to maintain the summer weather I already did. I just wanna stay home in my bed but I need to do things. I have to brave the weather. brrrrr…..

I’m wearing a dress from ZARA and a scarf I bought in Italy. The classic black and white stripes give it a chic look.
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Hello Bulgaria! Thanks for following my blogs. 🙂 I hope to visit your country one day.I can’t believe October is showing good weather but probably the last days of sun has come to an end. Before official autumn bring chill I want to say goodbye with a happy heart and I ‘m wearing this another floral dress from ZARA. The front looks normal but the back is quite revealing but still manageable. 🙂 I always say this sometimes it’s always good to go out of our comfort zone and try new styles. I always do! Be confident and build loads of self-esteem after all womanhood is about empowering and inspiring another woman. Cheers ladies!
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And so we’re back from outer space….oops! we’re back wearing jeans but since fall is giving us a good weather we love to combine summer and fall together. For the cold wind that strikes once in a while the best thing to wear are ripped jeans. It gives us more girl charm as long as you keep it clean and cool. Keep it clean because not all ripped jeans are pleasing in the eyes. You don’t wanna look like a drug pusher or a beggar right? Of course, you can wear ripped jeans according to occassion and people. You can wear it and look professional still.Ripped boyfriend jeans is always a yes! Always wear it with elegance. Jeans is from ZARA for a very reasonable price of 12€. Blouse is from PIMKIE. My white shoes is one of my favorite from ANN CHRISTINE.
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We attended an event today in our city Nancy, France called “LA LIVRE SUR LA PLACE”. To make it short it is a book exhibit with all the book authors. I guess I have to make a separate blog about it. It’s very interesting. My thoughts goes to my book lover friends especially those who love the french culture.Street style. The day splits from fall or summer so I have to wear something in the middle. You know how much I’m scared of the biting cold. I’m wearing a jupe from Zara which cost only €4.99 can you believe it? I won a great deal on that price. My top from Pimkie also cost €4.95. I put a scarf to create a color to the white top and of course to protect my neck from the cold. I added the leather jacket just so I’m ready to take it off when the sun shows. My bag is from Mango which is a gift from my dearest sister.
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Ola! September first! In Europe it signals that vacation is over. Back to work and back to school. Goodbye sun, sand and beach. We still have sun once in a while but really fall is around the corner. I love fall except for the cold. I’m going to visit French schools today and I would like to share my #OOTD (outfit of the day) Sun is up so I opted for a light color.Mint green top from ZARA which I got for only 7€ and a floral skirt that is very similar to D&G creation. For a very reasonable price of sale from CA. CA is a german brand of clothing. Matching up is always a challenge. My white shoes seems my favorite these days is from ANN CHRISTINE.
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L’été blanc et bleu (the white and blue summer)

Hello August! Summer will say goodbye in few days. I decided to put on my summer outfit for the day. White has been a summer tradition plus of course the florals and other colorful designs to match the scorching heat of the sun. I have combined comfortable, just and reasonable outfit  for the summer. One thing is sure I don’t splurge much with outfits. I love sales and thrift stores because I love the challenge putting them on together. It’s not the brand or the price, it’s how you carry it with fab and glam altogether! 🙂
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I am a newbie blogger. Pardon my mistakes, my messy website and my writings. As of now, I am overjoyed of my readers. I wasn’t expecting that my followers would grow fast. As I checked the statistics of my blog followers, my heart jumped to see readers from US, Japan, Bahamas, India, Kuwait, Doha, Marianas Islands, Singapore, Israel, Australia, Germany, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, of course France, Philippines and Italy.I’m overjoyed meeting one of my self-confessed fan and follower of my blogs. We’re completely total stranger to each other but she really made effort to see me when I recently went home in the Philippines. She’s from Batangas and imagine the traffic going to Manila. So sweet of you Debbie. I was even lucky to meet the boyfriend who’s also fun to talk with.

We met at starbucks mall of asia. How sweet she is to surprised me with graham balls she made.

I admire you debbie. Beautiful and young entrepreneur. If I can only turn back time, I wish I did selling things too during my younger days. As I promised you, you will have my blog giveaway in my next homecoming. 🙂 Stay happy and good luck on your life’s journey. Thank you to your boyfriend for taking our photos.
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