Je parle Français (I speak French)

As the saying goes, when in Rome, do what Romans do…and because we recently moved in France, we should speak French too!

D’accord! Forgive me for mixing english and french language but I promise to write my next blog more in french. For now, let me share with you my experiences learning French. This is not actually my first time learning a new language. While living in Italy, I learned Italian too.

Well, I come from the Philippines where our national language in the past is Spanish due to Spanish colonization from the arrival of the European explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, until the Spanish-American War that ended Spanish rule in 1898.
It remained, along with English, as a de-facto official language until removed in 1973 by a constitutional change. After a few months, it was re-designated an official language by presidential decree, and remained official until the present Constitution removed its official status.

Our official language in the Philippines for now is Tagalog and English. Tagalog  has some borrowed words from the Spanish language.

Ok, I’m not going to talk about our history. 🙂

When I arrived in Europe, most people would tell me it’s easy for you to adapt because you speak  Spanish. If only I can explain to everyone that it’s the old generation who speak Spanish in the Philippines.

For some reasons, I feel really ecstatic learning the French language because it’s a beautiful language and as I’ve  heard it’s the second most important language after English. My journey is quite easy because I speak English and I understand most Spanish words plus I also speak a little of Italian. Armed with these shall I call “sister languages” I know, I will be fine.

I enrolled in the University of Lorraine (DEFLE) Département d’Etudes de Français Langue Etrangère (DeFLE). I met other students who are also studying french language. In my class, it is mostly occupied by South Koreans. With smart professors in front who knows what he/she needs to teach, day by day, I noticed we are all improving and is speaking french to each other. Amazing it is!

I am trying to recall what happened on the first day of school since all of us doesn’t know what to do. On the first day of class, we are asked to present ourselves. Luckily, I already prepared myself for some basics. Here’s my presentation.
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Mabuhay! Hello! Ciao! Bonjour! :)My amore and I planned to have our Holiday in Spain but since we lack time because we are moving to France by the end of August we rushed days before the weekend running for my documents at the Philippine Embassy in Rome and ended up enjoying the beautiful Tuscan region of Italy.

I would like to share my favorite places and my outfits UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN.

We booked at this super beautiful bed and breakfast, CASA LUCIA. Our first rule in finding bed and breakfast is if they allow dogs since we have our little lilly (our dog). Thanks to italy for being a dog friendly country. No problem at all, though some extra posh and luxury places does not allow dogs.
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